Mi HomeGuard a solution to monitor your family, property or business.gmail-icon

Mi HomeGuard (HG) is a non intrusive sensor system to help monitor your family, property or business.
  • monitor your Elderly relatives living alone are they Ok?
  • monitor your Property or Business is it secure or being occupied without your knowledge?
  • monitor your older teenagers are they at school or still at home?
  • monitor your 2nd property is it at risk from frost or being used without your knowledge?

Mi HG has a range of battery powered wireless sensors to monitor: PiR motion, Temperature, Humidity,  Door/Window open-close activity and Water Ingress ( Flood ! ). The wireless sensors have a battery life of two years with regular status reporting.

Once installed you can check on your HG property from anywhere at anytime:  myname.mihomeguard.com

Notification alerts can be setup to let you know immediately of any unusual activity;

  • Alarmed Property has potential intruders
  • Property inside temperature has fallen to below 5 degC
  • No activity seen in kitchen by 9.30am
  • Front door left open for over 5mins
  • Flood alert - water ingress sensor has triggered !
  • Battery status of worst sensor has fallen below 10%

If interested please email: HomeGuardMi@gmail.com