Mi HomeGuard - how much does it cost ?gmail-icon

The basic starter system has:

  • Mini HG Server - running HomeGuard software 
  • Gateway - has loud speaker for use as Doorbell or Security Alarm
  • PiR motion sensor -  suggested location Kitchen
  • Temperature / Humidity sensor  - suggested location Living Room
  • One year free software registration with your own personal web name eg: myname.mihomeguard.com 

    Introductory Offer, 
    only 125 - includes all setup & local installation
    Orders are only being taken for the Dumfries, Annan & Carlisle areas.

Additional Sensors can be added as necessary

Once installed you can check your property from anywhere at anytime:  myname.mihomeguard.com

Ongoing software registration costs are 12 / year - but first year is free.

All sensors have an estimated battery life of two years and have remote status monitoring.   

Note: Property must have a Broadband connection

Please email your interest to HomeguardMi@gmail.com