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Wireless sensors are installed throughout the property, once fully configured with the MiHG server you can check on your property from anywhere at anytime eg:  myname.mihomeguard.com

A single image shows any activity at your HomeGuard property. The HG image is updated every 5mins and can be easily displayed as an active widget on your chosen mobile device.

No room activity for 15mins & one window pane goes grey. No activity for 30mins & two panes go grey. No activity for over one hour & curtains close.

HG property image can be displayed on any mobile device & set to auto refresh as necessary. This gives you the ability to quickly glance at your phone and see if all is well at home. 

Property activity also changes chimney smoke density and the number above door shows how long since last open event.

If you need more detail, further sensor information can be shown in an activity text log or timely chart.
Note: Battery icon shows the status of the lowest sensor, press battery icon for full details for all sensors.

If interested please email HomeguardMi@gmail.com