Mi HomeGuard -   F A Q 's ..

Can HomeGuard be used as a Security Alarm system?
Yes. The system can be "armed" and if any intruders are detected HomeGuard gives off a loud alarm with flashing red lights. Notifications are also pushed to your device to alert you of the triggered Alarm. See Alarm Demo video.

How can I see my HomeGuard data on the internet?

When HomeGuard is installed you are given your own unique website url which can be used by all the family: myname.mihomeguard.com

Can I still install HomeGuard if I dont have a broadband connection?
Yes. HomeGuard normally uses your broadband wifi but can also be configured to use a 3gmodem connection, it will have extra costs but if using the right sim recent tests have shown the monthly sim costs to be minimal..

How many sensors do I need?

This is a personal choice, but even the basic monitor system can be very useful. It can detect Kitchen activity, property temperature/humidity and detect any illumination from lighting. The basic dashboard can display 9 sensors but more can be added if necessary.

Are you able to install nationally?

At present Mi HomeGuard is only available for local installation in the Annan area which includes Dumfries & Carlisle.

What does the installation cover?
All sensors would be installed & configured as necessary and your machine ID would be licensed to run the MiHG software. You would also be shown how to use the system on your chosen mobile device.

How long do the batteries last?
The wireless sensor batteries have an expected life of two years. Each sensor reports the battery status every hour and the level can easily checked on the battery status page.

Can HomeGuard monitor power use?
Yes. Although most homes now have smart meters the HomeGuard power sensor is still useful. One example is to detect the kettle spike when someone makes tea or coffee or a safety issue if they left their cooker oven on.

Can HomeGuard work from a 12V battery in my mobile home?
Yes. All sensors are battery powered and the system can be powered from a large 12V battery. The system can also be configured to use a 3gmodem, recent tests have shown the additional monthly sim costs to be minimal.

The HomeGuard cottage image has only one door, is it possible to use two doors for Front & Back?
Yes. The build image works fine with two doors but only displays updates from the most recent door activity with appropriate text eg: Front, Back, Patio, Garage... ( If the Back door was opened 5hrs ago but Front 30mins ago the image would show Front 0h30m.)

Can the HomeGuard cottage image be changed?

Yes. The build image can be changed but it will incur additional development costs to change the image to your requirements. The current build options are for cottage and static build.

Can I post my HG sensor data to an external cloud on the internet?

HG is currently pre-configured to post data to: Emoncms. After registration on their site your unique API key code is then added to your MiHG config file and data will be automatically posted to your Emoncms cloud. Other external clouds if feasible can be added on request but note that all clouds (inc Emoncms) normally incur their own additional cloud charges.

Is my HomeGuard site secure?
Yes. Your normal site name MyName.mihomeguard.com is now redirected into a firewalled secure https tunnel. 
Your simple site name is changed to: https://1dfbd53d66fcca.localhost.run which has no relation to your site name. Don't worry about remembering this complex name as it changes every day. Unless someone knows your site name eg: MyName.mihomeguard.com it is unlikely to be found by anyone. But even if found the name and information will not mean anything to anybody. If someone found your site and tried to hack the site a security utility has been installed to ban any further activity from the hacker IP. But if you are still concerned, MiHomeGuard can be configured to only post data to the EmonCMS cloud which has its own security login/password control.

How do I find the HomeGuard local IP address (192.168.1.nnn) ?
You can use PC port scanner software or a mobile App called "Fing" which is available for Android & iOS.

If interested please email: contact@mihg.co.uk